The work of developing and managing Standards, Codes of Practice, Rules and Guidelines for the rail industry is divided, as appropriate, among a number of RISSB committees. RISSB’s Committee structure is designed to allow appropriate industry oversight and good technical representation.

RISSB Standing Committees

RISSB Standing Committees are established to provide advice to The RISSB Board, through CEO RISSB, on significant industry issues and to oversee development of standards, codes, rules and guidelines.

  1. To actively promote industry harmonisation;
  2. Provide advice to the RISSB Board on issues relevant to the Committee’s discipline;
  3. Ensure that RISSB’s development and change process is adhered to in the development of, or change to, RISSB products
  4. Propose development of new RISSB products;
  5. Review change proposals from stakeholders, and if appropriate, recommend changes to the existing suite of RISSB products;
  6. Monitor product development progress by the RISSB Development Groups and if necessary provide advice to the PM on corrective action;
  7. Approve the content of RISSB products after development is complete.

RISSB’s Current Active Standing Committees:

RISSB Development Groups

Members of RISSB Development Groups (DG) play an important role in the development of RISSB products.

The primary role of the Development Group is to work with the author, through the RISSB Project Manager, to develop the content for a RISSB Standard, code of practice, rule or guideline. The DG achieves this by providing constructive review comments, guidance, example sources, etc. to the Author throughout the development of the draft RISSB product.

As Development Group Members comprise the subject matter experts for the product, they will be asked to sign off on the product when it has been completed to confirm that good stakeholder commitment and ownership exists for the developed product.

Participation in Development Groups

RISSB ensure product development is as robust, neutral and independent as possible by inviting DG participation from a broad range of industry participants.

DG Membership is constituted on a per project basis.

Calls for interested persons to join a development group are made via RISSB communique and newsletter mail outs available to any interested party via our RISSB subscription and via the RISSB website ‘News

RISSB encourages anyone with a bone fide interest in a products development to apply for DG membership.

RISSB Contributor – Code of Conduct

All RISSB Contributors (Standing Committees and Development Group Members) are asked to acknowledge their responsibility and to commit to the RISSB Contributor – Code of Conduct before active participation on RISSB Committees.