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RISSB Contributor – Code of Conduct

This RISSB Contributor – Code of Conduct applies to every member who chooses to participate in a Standing Committee, Development Group, subcommittee, or working group established under the auspices of The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) (ABN 58 105 001 465)

This Code of Conduct is drawn from broader international and national guidelines and is not negotiable.

We [members] acknowledge the responsibility and privilege to participate in the development of RISSB products. We ensure adherence to this Code to support the productive participation by all members in the development of RISSB products accordance with the following terms.

We will:

Work for the Net Benefit of the Australasian rail industry

We recognise that the development of RISSB products is for the Net Benefit of the Australasian rail industry. We acknowledge that we are required to represent our Nominating Organisations, but must also be prepared to accept consensus decisions in the broader industry interest.

Uphold the consensus process

We will uphold the principles of our consensus-based process through openness, transparency, balance and respect for each member in alignment with the RISSB consensus rules for product development

Maintain confidentiality

We will comply with RISSB’s Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles in relation to information obtained through our participation of the RISSB development process

We will treat as confidential:

  • all minutes and agendas of RISSB meetings;

  • committee deliberations

  • all public comments received through RISSB process;

  • other documents that are actively categorised by the creator or distributor as Committee-in-Confidence’.

Agree to clear purpose and scope

We will commit to the development of a clear shared purpose, objectives, agenda and project plan to ensure timely and efficient development and maintenance of RISSB products.

Respect others in meetings

We commit to respecting others and the professional culture of The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB). We will attend meetings briefed and prepared. We commit to meeting etiquette and the rules of engagement by:

  • turning mobile phones to silent /off;

  • being on time;

  • where attending electronically, ensuring that electronic access is working prior to the commencement of the meeting, and ensuring that the meeting is not broadcast to non-Committee Members;

  • advising our Nominating Organisation if an alternative representative is required;

  • respecting others and their opinions by allowing one person to speak at a time;

  • following an agreed agenda;

  • accepting group decisions and not returning to ‘closed agenda items’ unless new, relevant subject matter emerges.

Participate actively

We agree to our roles and responsibilities and shall actively participate where required. We will:

Ensure we have sufficient time and means to attend meetings, and to contribute to agree development projects.

engage and consult with our nominating organisations to ensure they are informed and their views are represented;

  • work to advised project and product deadlines

  • actively and constructively contribute to discussions and knowledge sharing for the development and improvement of the RISSB products, and the betterment of the Australian rail industry.
Declare all relevant interests

We will behave in a transparent manner by declaring all relevant interests. We will manage or remove potential, perceived or actual conflicts of interest, to facilitate the resolution of competing interests via the open and structured process that forms the basis of RISSB development process

Escalate and resolve issues

We will identify and escalate issues and disputes in a timely manner to ensure rapid resolution. We will uphold the agreed escalation and dispute resolution processes

Behave legally and ethically

We will act in good faith and with due care and diligence and comply with applicable laws and Standards. We will avoid collusive or anticompetitive behaviour contrary to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. We will promote a culture of fair and ethical behaviour and encourage the reporting of unethical behaviour, breaches of the law and matters detrimental to The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) and its reputation.

Uphold this Code

We actively encourage compliance with this Code at all times. We also accept and encourage the rapid initiation of action to address poor, unacceptable or inappropriate behaviours and breaches of this Code.