Complaints and Appeals

RISSB Complaints and Appeals Procedure

RISSB is committed to delivering high quality services that respond to the industry’s needs. We value the benefits of effective complaint handling, and believe all stakeholders should be able to provide feedback (both positive and negative) about our services and the way we provide them.

We treat all feedback about our employees and our performance as an opportunity to learn more about our stakeholders’ needs and to improve our service – We encourage you to speak to us about any concerns.

Complaints: Where a stakeholder believes RISSB has acted, omitted, or delivered a decision in breach of our obligations (this can be a policy or legislative breech, or any substantive (technical) or procedural error), impacted stakeholders are encouraged to lodge the issue using the complaint process below.

Appeals: In cases where a stakeholder believes a RISSB outcome or decision was procedurally in error and/or did not follow correct process; stakeholders may seek a decision be reviewed and/or overturned by way of Appeal.

Complaints and Appeals Process

To make it easy for you to provide us with your feedback, you may contact us using any of the means listed below:

Call:       (07) 3724 0000 (within Australia) +61 7 3724 0000 (from outside Australia)


Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board
PO Box 518
Spring Hill, QLD 4004

Providing the following information will assist us in investigation and help us resolve your concerns:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • A description of your concerns (please include as much information as possible to help us with our investigations).

Resolving your concerns

RISSB is committed to resolving all stakeholder complaints and appeals quickly and fairly.

In many cases, an appeal or complaint can be resolved at the initial point of contact. However, where your concern requires further investigation, we will assign a responsible staff member who will acknowledge receipt of your complaint (or provide verbal confirmation), undertake an investigation, and provide you with feedback.

In all cases RISSB will –

  • treat your appeal or complaint confidentially,
  • respect your rights to appeal or complain, and ensure that you are not treated differently because of your feedback,
  • let you know who is responsible for resolving your appeal or complaint,
  • contact you and respond within a mutually agreed timeframe,
  • let you know if we expect it to take longer than 30 business days to resolve or if our response requires input from our Board, Standing or Development Committees, and
  • keep you informed of the progress of your appeal or complaint.

Our commitment to our stakeholders is genuine. Should you not be satisfied with the handling of your appeal or complaint please outline your concerns and request your point of contact to escalate the issue to the next level within RISSB.