RISSB Development Process

The RISSB is an accredited Standards Development Organisation (SDO) with the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC).  All standards produced by the RISSB are Australian Standards.  The standard development process is rigorous and transparent.  The same process is used in developing other RISSB products although Guidelines are not exposed to the public for comment given their non binding nature.
Typically independent authors and validators are contracted to write and validate the products. The author works with one of the RISSB’s managers and a RISSB Development Group to ensure that the product is acceptable to industry.  A RISSB Standing Committee oversights this work and ensures that proper governance and process is followed as well as approving the content of a product.  Once the final draft has been produced and validated the product is passed to the RISSB Standing Committee for approval. The Standing Committee also assures itself that RISSB’s accredited process has been followed in its development of a RISSB product. If the Standing Committee endorses the product it is passed to the RISSB Board for its approval to publish. Here is RISSB Development Process.


RISSB is overseen by a Board of directors comprising an independent chairman, two Independent Directors and four Industry Directors, all elected or endorsed at the Annual General Meeting. In general the Board meets quarterly.

RISSB Standing Committees

RISSB activities are supervised by a number of Committees.  This assures RISSB stakeholders that RISSB activities are undertaken in an appropriate and transparent manner. Membership details and the remit of the RISSB Standing Committees can be found at: .  These committees meet every three months, usually one month before the RISSB Board meetings.

RISSB Development Groups

Members of RISSB Development Groups have an important role to play in the development of RISSB products.  Membership of Development Groups is open to any interested person providing that he/she has a genuine interest in the product being developed.  Development Group Members are usually subject matter experts.  Importantly they will be asked to sign off on the product when it has been completed confirming that its content is ‘correct and represents good practice’. The roles and responsibilities of development groups can be found at: Development Group Member Responsibilities


The Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC) audit the RISSB annually to ensure that Standards are produced in accordance the SDAC Accreditation.