About Priority Planning

RISSB Revamped Priority Planning Forum

Last year RISSB redesigned the PPF as an online information and project prioritisation system to provide for greater industry participation. This new format helped us deliver a much more inclusive and informed way in which to drive the direction of RISSB product development both now and into the future.

This year, the PPF will consist of an initial two-week information period beginning on March 4, with the two-week ranking period due to commence on March 19 and end on March 31.

The information period will consist of the dissemination of scoping documents for each project and will replace the sales pitch that previously took place when the forum was a day-long workshop.

The ranking period will be when stakeholders are invited to rank individual projects from most urgent to least urgent. Each company will rank projects from 1 (high priority) to 25 (low priority). RISSB members’ votes will carry an added loading, to reflect the fact that our members are most strongly committed to the outcomes and ideals of the forum.

Although the forum has been designed with members in mind, all rail industry stakeholders and even the public are entitled to have a say if they wish to.

About Priority Planning
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