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Priority Planning Forum – FAQ

In 2017, RISSB redesigned the PPF process into an online information and project prioritisation system. This page provides answers to stakeholder’s questions and will be updated as the need arises over the course of the PPF.

New stakeholder questions should be submitted to or via our ‘Ask an SDM or GM page.

Why has RISSB moved to an on-line forum and priority ranking system rather than a ‘in-person’ forum?

The previous process used for determining priority projects was not reflective of all of industry’s needs for a number of reasons:

  • It disproportionately favoured the host city, which naturally provided more attendees;
  • A low turnout at forums resulted in a vote that was not truly representative of the cross section of industry;
  • The cost to RISSB and industry stakeholders associated with event staging was extensive;
  • The Board felt that projects were prioritised more on the effectiveness of the “selling” of a project that took place on the day, rather than the individual merit of each project; and
  • The forum did not take into consideration the views of the industry stakeholders such as ATSB or government departments.

How long will the online forum and ranking period run for?

The forum will take place over a four-week period, which includes a two-week information period followed by a two-week ranking period. The information period will consist of the dissemination of scoping documents for each project and will replace the sales pitch that previously took place on the day of the forum.

The initial two-week information period is scheduled to begin on March 4, with the two-week ranking period due to commence on March 19 and end on March 31.

How will industry votes / rankings be counted?

All interested individuals are entitled to participate and to rank RISSB proposed projects in order of importance from 1 (high priority) to 25 (low priority). Once voting closes, a pre-determined industry / member weighting is then applied to arrive at a priority order for RISSB’s future projects.

Note: Industry / member weighting is designed to reflect member’s strong commitment to the outcomes and ideals of the forum, and closely matches similar weightings that applied before the change to a new format.

I have an idea for a new project, can I put it up for consideration?

RISSB encourages all stakeholders (RISSB member, industry participants, members of the public) to submit proposals for the consideration of future PPFs. Unfortunately, the deadline for 2018 / 19 has passed.


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