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The following area is reserved for the product development proposals submitted for development by RISSB in 2018.

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No. Project Type Project Title 
1 Guideline Configuration Management for Railway Contractors
2 Guideline Human Factors Integration to the Project Lifecycle
3 Guideline Human System Integration Framework
4 Guideline Rolling Stock Classification
5 Standard Rail Shunting Vehicles
6 Standard Rail Tank Cars
7  Standard  Rolling Stock Runaway Protection
8  Code of Practice Derailment Protection for Rail Underbridges
9  Standard  Train Control Systems Change Management
10  Standard  Signalling Power Supplies
11  Standard  Rolling Stock Diesel Fuel Tanks
12  Standard Operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (Drones) on the Railway Network
13  Guideline  Specifying the Requirements for the Procurement of Rolling Stock
14  Guideline  Rail Cyber Security
15  Guideline  Anthropometric Data for Rolling Stock
16  Code of Practice  Rail Cyber Security in Train Control Systems
17  Code of Practice  Rail Cyber Security in Rolling Stock
18  National Rule  In-cab Signalling Systems
19  Guideline  Light Rail Urban Design Safety Guideline
20  Guideline Good Practice in the Management of Rail Driver Health and Wellness
21  Register  National Vehicle Register
22  Standard Complex System Integration in Railways
23  Code of Practice Interoperability of Safe Working Technologies for the Australian Standard Gauge Network
 24  Standard Specification for Alternative Material Sleepers – Timber Replacement
 25  Standard Collision Avoidance and Proximity Warning on Track Maintenance Vehicles Including Road Rail Vehicles
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