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No.Project TypeProject Title 
1GuidelineRecovery or Re-Railing of Rolling Stock
2Code of PracticeIdentification of Location on Track
3GuidelineGuideline on the Mechanical Versus Static Vertical Transportation
GuidelineGuideline for the Implementation of Graffiti Detection Tools
5GuidelineGuideline for the Suitable Treatment of Flange Gaps at Level Crossings
6GuidelineRail System Description Models
7GuidelineTechnical Guideline for Interoperability – Rolling Stock
8GuidelineMaintenance Facilities Shunting Operations Guideline
9Code of Practice Grade Separation for Light Rail Systems
10Guideline Third Parties Accessing a Rail Corridor
11Guideline Asset Management Systems Utilised for Condition Monitoring of Rail Infrastructure
12Guideline Application of Safety Integrity Levels in Australian Rail Projects
13Code of Practice Sustainable Design and Construction in Rail
14StandardService Transition and Operational Readiness Review of New or Modified Rolling Stock
15GuidelineGuideline Condition Monitor of Rolling Stock Equipment
16StandardAbove Ground Railway Stations – Fire Safety Measures
17GuidelineGuideline and Toolkit National Guideline for the Prevention and Management of Suicide on the Railway and Toolkit for the Prevention and Management of Suicide on the Railway
18GuidelineTrack Centreline Construction and Management Guideline
19Code of PracticeNational Standardisation of Rolling Stock Refuelling Practices and Hardware
20StandardLight Rail Traction Power System Configuration and Performance Requirements for Stray Current Minimisation and Mitigation
21StandardApproach to Developing an Operations Concepts Definition
22GuidelineEffective Group Decision Making within the Rail Industry
23StandardRail Tractor Power Harmonisation
24GuidelineReliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Guideline for the Australian Rail Industry
25StandardSystem Safety Assurance for the Rail Industry
26Code of PracticeSystem Safety Assurance for the Rail Industry
27Code of PracticeTrain Control Systems Application Design Code of Practice Signalling Plans Module
28GuidelinePreparing for the Effects of Global Warming on Rail Infrastructure and Operations
29Code of PracticeCOP Work on or Near Electrification Infrastructure
30GuidelineGuideline for the Categorisation of Safeworking Breaches
31GuidelineAS 7770 Rail Cyber Security Reference Architecture
32GuidelineIntroducing and Managing Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) Systems and Operations in Australia
33StandardTrain Braking Rates
34GuidelineCybersecurity for Signalling Interlockings
35StandardEnvironmental Requirements for Signalling Interlockings and Train Control Systems Equipment
PPF Project Summary
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