Axle Counters (Standard)

Type of product being suggested:
Title of product being suggested:
Axle Counters
Date of suggestion:
Reason for suggestion:
Requested by ASA
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
ISC Feb 2017
While some aspects of this topic are already covered in existing train detection standards, it is beneficial to have a standard that specifically covers the following:

  • Form, fit and function
  • environment
  • safety integrity
  • applications for varying levels of required integrity
  • wheel versus flange detection
  • operation and maintenance phases to include:
    • reset procedures;
    • management of broken rails
Hazard identification:
9.12 Train detection failure (Design)
9.25 Train detection failure (Construction)
9.34 Train detection failure (Test and commission)
9.44 Train detection failure (Operations)
9.54 Train detection failure (Maintenance)
9.64 Train detection failure (De-commission)


Safety risk
Detect rolling stock to maintain separation between trains
Standardisation of equipment, installation and maintenance controls risks associated with staff moving between organisations
Interoperability / harmonisation
This standard would achieve national harmonisation i.e. all railways would be able to adopt and apply it.
It would enable Contractors to work in different jurisdictions without navigating different/conflicting requirements
The interoperability/harmonisation benefits are aligned with the Industry’s Safety strategy
Axle counters should be cheaper and easier to install over existing track circuits, and come with in-built condition monitoring
Not relying on the electrical characteristics wheel-rail interface to detect trains (like with track circuits)
Economies of scale producing better pricing