Environmental Management in Rail Construction (Code of Practice)

Type of product being suggested:
Code of Practice
Title of product being suggested:
Environmental Management in Rail Construction
Date of suggestion:
March 17
Reason for suggestion:
Opportunity within the industry
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
Safety Standing Committee
Scope of the project
The scope of the project would be to produce a Code of Practice in accordance with RISSB’s accredited development process.
Scope of the document
Government and public expectations surrounding appropriate management of environmental impacts during construction, and around delivery of systems which support ongoing environment sustainability, are increasing. This is an area which the rail industry has been compliant with, but there is certainly opportunity to improve.
Hazard identification:
4.1 Harm to the environment
2 Damage to habitat on construction sites
3 Damage to the environment caused by a contaminating spill
4 Erosion of soil on construction sites


Safety risk
The primary focus of the Code would be the protection of the environment, rather than reduction on safety risk to people.
Interoperability / harmonisation
This guideline would promote consistency of approach in and generally raise the bar for environmental management in rail construction.
As well as good corporate citizenship, the avoidance of environmental damage also avoids significant financial (and reputational) penalties. This Code would offer good practice that would lead to reduced likelihood of financial impacts.