Level Crossing Monitoring Systems (Standard)

Type of product being suggested:
Title of product being suggested:
Level crossing monitoring systems
Date of suggestion:
Reason for suggestion:
Supports a consistent approach to discharging level crossing signals monitoring requirements within the context of the industry trend towards extending maintenance and inspection intervals. Monitoring is referenced in AS 7658.
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
Equipment to monitor operation of level crossing active protection equipment.

  • Condition monitoring in a healthy state.
  • Correct sequence of operation.
  • Remote alarming.
  • Vehicle and pedestrian surveillance.
  • Logging and recording of information.
  • Obstruction detection.
  • Accuracy and precision of recording events.
  • Communication method and latency.
  • Time synchronisation.
  • Operation during maintenance activities.
  • Interface requirements.
Hazard identification:
1 Incorrect management of rail traffic, crossing with failed protection
2 Wayside device failure
3 Unknown unsafe condition
4 Protection failure
5 Lost load on LX
6 Vehicle stalls on LX
7 Vandalism / trespass
8 Rail rule violation (insulated vehicles)
9 Road rule violation
9.39 Level crossing failure


Safety risk
Alerts to deviations in level crossing performance
Interoperability / harmonisation
Standard criteria to work with multiple monitoring systems
Opportunity to use COTS equipment
Provides judicial record for use in level crossing incidents/allegations
Avoid extensive investigations of incidents/allegations
Enables extended maintenance/inspection periods