Network Control Systems – Human / Machine Interfaces (Standard)

Type of product being suggested:
Title of product being suggested:
Network control systems – human machine interfaces
Date of suggestion:
Reason for suggestion:
Lack of current standards in this area. Diversity of approaches by different vendors. Simplify and set a baseline for consultation with user groups
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
  • Screen based display orientated
  • Driven by human factors considerations
  • Integration of operator’s desk
  • Excluding signal control specific functionality
  • Alarm colours, sounds and hierarchy
  • Scalable to include signalling, telecommunications, other control functions e.g. field screens
  • Density of screen elements and longitudinal scale
  • Project design development to include screen based equipment
  • Local control equipment in the field
  • Excludes legacy systems including lever frames and hard wired panels; traction power supply and
    other power distribution infrastructure.
Hazard identification:
1 Network control error
2 Ergonomics
3 Interface with existing controls, interlockings and maintenance facilities
4 Incorrect or misleading indications on control systems leading to reliability or safety incidents
5 Indications to some control systems (especially Phoenix) may not be ‘real time’ – leading to incorrect decisions by operators leading to safety incidents
6 Train positions not shown correctly to network controllers
7 Inadequate human machine interface
8 Incomplete or unclear data


Safety risk
Improve human factors risk of operator errors or omissions.
Manage alarm task prioritisation
Interoperability / harmonisation
Interoperability improved through common interface elements.
Reduced project time and budget costs due to enhanced operator acceptance