Staff Engagement (Guideline)

Type of product being suggested:
Title of product being suggested:
Staff engagement
Date of suggestion:
Reason for suggestion:
To develop the non-technical skills of staff to enhance safety culture within rail organisations, and to improve staff engagement to assist with motivating and retaining staff and improving both safety and operational performance.
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
  • Coaching and mentoring of supervisors, managers and staff.
  • Developing safety culture on an individual basis.
  • Using both lead and lag indicators for assurance monitoring and checking.
  • Guidance applicable to new and current employees.
  • Effective communication tools.
  • Enhancing empowerment to progress improvement.
  • Human factors related to the above.
Hazard identification:
7.1 Derailment and or Collision
7.2 Harm to Persons
7.3 Damage to Rolling Stock and or Infrastructure
7.4 Harm to the Environment


Safety risk
Failure to understand roles and responsibilities.
Implementation of wrong level of protection, or protection in the wrong place.
Failure to implement a rule leading to an unsafe act, because employee doesn’t think it is best fit, but is not empowered to advise.
Interoperability / harmonisation
Common terminology and language minimising misunderstanding between organisations and different networks.
Operational efficiency
Safety improvements
Retention of staff and reduction of retraining costs
Empowerment of staff