National Vehicle Register (Register)

Type of product being suggested:
Title of product being suggested:
National Vehicle Register
Date of suggestion:
Feb 2014, Feb 2017
Reason for suggestion:
Standardise vehicle registration and identification processes
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
Rolling Stock Standing Committee
Create a single national vehicle register for the rail industry using an electronic, single point, vehicle registration system and corresponding standard vehicle identification system and AEI tag coding.
A National Vehicle Register shall be a single point registration system for all subscribing infrastructure managers. It will be a single point data source for rolling stock operators and infrastructure managers for rolling stock data including drawings, dimensions, masses, bogie, bearing and wheel details, and registration approvals.the Vehicle register will simplify the registering process for rolling stock operators that operate on multiple networks, simplify compliance to AS 7503, provide a single and accurate data source for wayside monitoring equipment, infrastructure managers and rolling stock operators.

Associated to the register, and included in the project is an update to the wagon classification section and AEI tag coding sections of AS 7503 to simplify and ensure greater compliance to this standard.

Hazard identification:
5.52 Unable to determine cause of rolling stock incident
5.53 Inadequate vehicle assessment


Safety risk
Interoperability / harmonisation
Remove possibility of a wagon or vehicle classification being on more than one vehicle
Single point of registration for all RIMs on DIRN
Single data set for wayside monitoring device interrogation (potential for these devices to flag when unregistered vehicle on system)
Improve compliance to AS 7503
Reduce registration process burden