Safety Assessment of Rolling Stock (Guideline)

Type of product being suggested:
Title of product being suggested:
Safety Assessment of Rolling Stock
Date of suggestion:
Feb 2015, Feb 2016, Feb 2017
Reason for suggestion:
Improve consistency of approach toward safety assurance in the context of rail safety national law.
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
Rolling Stock Standing Committee
This Guideline is intended to describe a common process for providing the assurance necessary to demonstrate management of safety in new or modified rolling stock. This Guideline will be an aid to Australian rail operators describing common practice to for the safety assessment of Rolling Stock.

This Guideline is intended to describe a common process for preparing and undertaking a safety assessment and safety assurance case for regulation compliance.

This Guideline is intended for application to new, modified, and repaired rolling stock being assessed for use on all Australian railways (with exception of sugar cane and light railways).

Hazard identification:
Guidance only – intended to remove differences and to enhance efficiency in the approach to safety assessment


Safety risk
Uniform approach removes uncertainty, ensure consistency in safety approach.
Interoperability / harmonisation
Ensure uniform approach improving interoperability.
Consistency in communication with regulator
Reduce out of service time.
Reduce acceptance process time.