Risk-Based Adaptation Measures for Climate Change for Rail Assets

Type of product being suggested:
Title of product being suggested:
Risk-based adaptation measures for climate change for rail assets
Date of suggestion:
Reason for suggestion:
Observed deficiency/opportunity in the industry, regulatory
environmental focus
Sponsored by RISSB Standing Committee:
The project addressed climate change adaption for rail assets. The project will include a risk
profile of rail assets and then propose the highest priority and most cost effective adaptation
measures using a risk based strategy.
This proposal is about accepting that there will be climate change, and ensuring that we are
prepared for it.
Hazard identification:
4.1 Harm to the environment
6.15 Track failure
Infrastructure failure due to inclement weather (not listed in the register)


Safety risk
The guide could improve the management of risk and lead to measureable improvements in
safety by assessing the risks posed by climate change both to safety and asset condition, and
thereby enabling sound decisions on funding priorities.
Interoperability / harmonisation
The interoperability/harmonisation benefits would align with similar approaches in roads, power, water, etc. due to the cross dependencies with transport.

Benefits to TfNSW
The nomination is important from TfNSW point of view as supports TfNSW’s environment and
sustainability goals. It will also improve the resilience and safety of our assets in the most costeffective way

The standard itself is anticipated to be fairly simple and inexpensive.