Works Completed 2017/18

Guideline Harmonisation Guidelines of Rail Vehicle Specifications
Risk Model ARRM and Safety Incident Data Base
AS 7508 Track Forces and Stresses
Code of Practice Management of Locomotive Exhaust Emissions
AS 7454 Management of Network Route Competence
AS 7453 Recruitment and Selection of Rail Traffic Drivers
Guideline Contracting in the Rail Industry
Code of Practice Type Approval – Signalling
Guideline In-Line Refuelling
Guideline Safety Critical Communications
AS 7521 Interior Crashworthiness (ASA)
AS 7770 Rail Cyber Security
Code of Practice Distributed Power Freight Trains (ASA)
AS 7711 Signalling Principles
Code of Practice Track Stability
Guideline Continuous Welded Rail Management
Guideline Protection Officer
National Rules Operational Concept for the Australian Rail Network
Guideline Integration of Human Factors in Engineering Design
AS 7504 Brake Blocks
Guideline Derailers
AS 7641 Rail Gauge Corner Lubrication Management – for Friction Levels and Measurement
Code of Practice Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Rail Locomotive Boilers
Guideline Risk Management of Driver Only Operations
Code of Practice Loading of Rail Freight