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RISSB Rail Cyber Security Conference

From driverless trains to new signalling and communications systems, the Australian rail industry is embracing the automation and innovation of the digital railway. With new frontiers come new dangers and recent examples, both near and far, show us how crucial cyber security has become for critical infrastructure systems. Infrastructure damage, threats to safety, disruptions, economic loss and data breaches are all possible outcomes from compromised operational technology.

To increase your understanding of these vulnerabilities and discuss strategies to protect your rail assets, the 2018 RISSB Rail Cyber Security Conference will build upon the foundations set by the case-studies and open discussions shared in 2017. It will bring together experts from across the cyber security field, government agencies, leading technology suppliers and academics to address all of your concerns in safeguarding your critical rail infrastructure from cyber threats.

Topics will include:

    • Evolving threat profile: Cyber security outlook for Australia
    • Technical case studies
    • Managing threats to the railway network and supply chain
    • Response and recovery strategies
    • Culture, awareness and training
    • Capability and leadership
    • Moving from legacy systems
    • Security system updates: Software and vendor solutions
    • Protecting existing control systems
    • The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT)
    • Integration or Isolation of (OT and IT) networks
    • The commercial importance of security governance
  • Protect, detect, respond and recover: Cyber Security Management Systems

Call for papers

RISSB invites you to submit a 400-600 word abstract of a proposed paper in your area of expertise related to the rail cyber security. All abstracts will be reviewed for relevance, timeliness, and quality.

Forward your submission to the Conference Manager, Tina Karas, at or to by 30 June 2018.

Submissions should contain your full contact details and any commercial affiliations along with a presentation title, theme and main findings, strategy or solution.