Horizons Program


RISSB is offering a unique opportunity to up and coming technical professionals in the rail industry to be part of shaping rail’s technical future. The inaugural Horizons Program, which will run from August 2018 to October 2019, will:

  • Encourage young professionals to provide technical input into RISSB’s and the rail industry’s future.
  • Assist in improving the safety and productivity of the rail industry through RISSB products.
  • Provide a forum for knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Extend the participant’s professional network on a national scale both within and outside the rail industry.
  • Provide participants with the skills to drive and manage change.

The Horizons Program will bring benefits to the young professional, their organisation and the industry more broadly.

The Horizons Program will encompass activities aimed at providing knowledge and understanding of:

  • The broader rail industry and the role of RISSB.
  • The future of rail in the context of evolving technology.
  • New and innovative technology.
  • Learnings from technical leaders in industry.
  • The role young professionals can play in shaping the technical future of the industry.
  • RISSB’s future directions and focus areas.

The Horizons Program is open to all RISSB members. Your organisation can nominate up to 2 people to be part of this program using the nomination form. RISSB reserves the right to limit participants to one per organisation and consider participants from other organisations.

Please note:

  • Nominees should preferably be aged 35 or under with up to five years’ experience in the rail industry.
  • We encourage DIVERSITY (e.g. in their role, gender, ethnic background, qualifications).
  • We want a line manager or senior manager to also sign the nomination form and support the nominee not only in the nomination process but throughout the program – this person must be prepared to be the RISSB contact for the program, mentor the participant and potentially attend some elements of the program as far as possible.

For the participant, we expect active engagement in the program.

For your organisation there will be a cost of $1950 (plus GST) per participant to cover program costs. Organisations must also be prepared to cover costs associated with travel, accommodation and the 2019 International Rail Safety Council (IRSC) Conference as necessary in the program.

The Horizons Program will include:

  • A teleconference launch with participants on 1 August 2018.
  • A two-day kick off forum on 13 and 14 September 2018 in Brisbane after the RISSB Rail Cyber Security Conference.
  • Regular technology update webinars or similar throughout the program.
  • Site visits focused on applications of new technology.
  • There will be a cost of $1950 (plus GST) per participant to cover program costs.
  • Engagement with a RISSB Development Group of choice throughout the program and small group work on new Standards, Guidelines and Codes of Practice for industry.
  • Preparation (in groups) of a proposal for RISSB’s PPF process for 2019/20 for new RISSB products.
  • A one-day forum in 2019 aligned with the 2019 RISSB Rail Safety Conference.
  • Creation of a regular newsletter for RISSB members outlining new technologies and innovations.
  • A one-day forum aligned with a new RISSB Rail Technology and Innovation Conference planned for mid-2019.
  • Attendance at the IRSC Conference in Brisbane in October 2019.
  • A final full day forum at/adjacent to IRSC.

To get involved, your organisation will need to:

  • Provide a nominator who should be a line manager/senior manager who is prepared to be the primary RISSB contact within the organisation for the program and a mentor for the participant.
  • Cover all costs for the program which include the course fee of $1950 plus GST as well as all travel and accommodation costs for each stage of the 15 month program including to forums and development group meetings, as well as the discounted registration cost for the International Rail Safety Council Safety Conference in Brisbane in October 2019.
  • Ensure the nominee is available on 13 and 14 September 2018 for the initial two-day Horizons Program forum in Brisbane (as well as forums and other meetings in 2018 and 2019 on dates TBA).

If you are interested in the Horizons Program, please contact Phil Allan at RISSB at pallan@rissb.com.au or on 0401 120 978.