06 Nov 2023

Call for Public Consultation – AS 7505 Signal Detection and Interface 

AS 7505 Signal Detection and Interface review is now available for a 60 day public consultation.


This Standard provides requirements for Signal Detection and interfaces. It was reviewed by a Development Group of industry subject matter experts and interested parties as per the aged review process for published standards. The review considered change requests made against the standard and updating the content to reflect current industry practice and expectations.

Significant technical changes from previous editions of this Standard include:

  • Inclusion of content referred to from AS 4292 Railway Safety Management.
  • Detail added for axle counters requirements.

How to contribute

To access the draft, please download it here.

To make comments on the draft, please use the commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to comment in-line with the text.

Please return your PDF with comments to amuscat@rissb.com.au by Sunday 7 January 2024.