04 Jan 2016

AS 7509 – 2016 Rolling Stock Dynamic Behaviour: Open Consultation

The draft of RISSB AS 7509 – 2016 Rolling Stock Dynamic Behaviour has been released for open consultation.


AS 7509 Rolling Stock Dynamic Behaviour was first published by RISSB in 2009. It was further updated in 2013 at the behest of the RISSB Wheel-Rail Interface Standing Committee which determined that certain content within the standard required urgent clarification. The standard became due for its 5-year review under RISSB’s accredited development process in 2014/15. The reviewed draft of the standard is now available for open consultation.

How to contribute?

Stakeholders are invited to submit comments on the draft, and it is now available for download from the RISSB website:

Click here to download these documents.

Any comments on the draft(s) can be submitted using the spreadsheet provided on the RISSB website or by emailing aborodin@rissb.com.au.

Closing date for comments is Wednesday 17 February 2016.