02 Nov 2016


2nd November 2016

The draft of RISSB AS 7634 – Railway Infrastructure Track Survey has been released for open consultation.


The purpose of AS 7634 – Railway Infrastructure Track Survey Standard is to specify requirements relating to the design, construction, maintenance and monitoring of surveying systems to support various engineering activities undertaken within, and applicable to a modern railway environment.

The main purpose of the requirements are to:

Achieve a standardised approach to railway engineering survey.

Provide mandatory and recommended guidance so that the Rail Survey System developed is aligned with the safe operation of the railway network, as per requirements of Rail Safety National Law.

Cover rail-specific track surveying requirements and promote current good practice.

The draft of the standard is now available for open consultation.

How to contribute?

Stakeholders are invited to submit comments on the draft and it is now available for download from the RISSB website:

Click here to download the draft standard document.

Click here to download the draft appendices A and B.

Click here to download the draft appendices C and D.

(Apologies for the multiple downloads required.  The appendices files are over 30MB each).

Any comments on the draft standard can be submitted through the RISSB website or by emailing lwilson@rissb.com.au . Please ensure the comments are detailed within the copy of the standard in the comments column provided.

Closing date for comments is Friday 5 January 2017.