21 Jan 2016

AS 7650 OHLE Electrical Symbols: Open Consultation

The draft of RISSB AS 7650 OHLE Electrical Symbols has been released for open consultation.


The purpose of this standard is to identify the library of symbols to be used for electrical layouts and drawings for isolation, earthing and bonding and high voltage.

This Standard aims to:

  • Provide guidelines on the definition of a common format to express content, applicability and purpose of layout drawings and equipment level symbols for: isolation, earthing and bonding, high voltage.
  • Recommend standard formats for common railway electrical elements for the sections listed in 1.5.1 based upon current industry best practice.
  • Recommend preferred industry operating symbols based upon consideration of identified risks, current and future technology operability requirements and visual best practice from industry.
  • Identify and present current industry operating symbols and present them in the appendices of the standard for industry reference.

 How to contribute?

Stakeholders are invited to submit comments on the draft, and it is now available for download:

Click here to download – AS 7560 OHLE Electrical Symbols: Open Review

Click here to download – Glossary of Symbols (Draft)

Please submit your comments by email to lwilson@rissb.com.au by 11 March 2016.