13 Sep 2016

AS 7720 – Signals Equipment Enclosure and Wiring – OPEN CONSULTATION

The draft of RISSB AS 7720– Signals Equipment Enclosure and Wiring has been released for open consultation.


The purpose of AS 7720 Signals Equipment Enclosure and Wiring Standard is to provide a framework that describes the requirements for the design, construction, commissioning, monitoring, maintenance and decommissioning of signals equipment enclosures and wiring in Australian railway corridors.

The Standard is intended to outline requirements that govern signals equipment enclosures and their wiring on a whole-of-life approach.

The Standard will cover a set of mandatory and recommended requirements to manage the identified industry hazards by identifying risks associated with the signals equipment enclosures and wiring.

The draft of the standard is now available for open consultation.

How to contribute?

Stakeholders are invited to submit comments on the draft and it is now available for download from the RISSB website:

Click here to download the draft standard.

Any comments on the draft standard can be submitted through the RISSB website or by emailing revans@rissb.com.au . Please ensure the comments are detailed within the copy of the standard using the PDF commenting tools available.

Closing date for comments is Tuesday 8 November 2016.