10 Sep 2018

Call for Development Group Members – 3 Railway Track Material Standards

Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) is seeking nominations from people to join RISSB Development Groups reviewing 3 railway track material Standards:

AS 1085.14 – Railway Track Materials: Prestressed Concrete Sleepers

This Standard sets out the requirements for the design, manufacture, testing and installation of prestressed concrete sleepers and their fastening components for use in main line railway systems. It also sets out the requirements for electrical performance of rail fastener and sleeper combinations.

This Standard also covers special sleepers such as turnout bearers, sleepers with additional rails and dual gauge sleepers and their fastenings for use in special sleepered tracks.

This Standard does not cover:

  • the design of post-tensioned concrete sleepers;
  • the design of duo block concrete sleepers; and
  • the techniques and equipment for the manufacture of concrete sleepers and fastenings.

There will be 5 meetings over the development period – 1 face-to-face (expected in N0vember) and 4 teleconferences (October, January, February & March).

AS 1085.20 – Railway Track Materials: Welding of Steel Rail

This Standard specifies performance requirements for welds in steel rail in accordance with AS 1085.1 or rails that are shown to be metallurgically equivalent, for use in railway track.

The following processes are covered:

  • joining of rails by flash butt welding;
  • joining of rails by aluminothermic fusion welding; and
  • repair of railhead by arc welding.

This Standard covers the joining of rails and the repair of the railhead by welding the processes described. Other welding is outside the scope of this Standard and should be covered by documentation other than this Standard.

There will be 5 meetings over the development period – 1 face-to-face (expected in November) and 4 teleconferences (October, January, February & March).

AS 1085.21 – Railway Track Materials: Turnouts, Switches and Crossings

This Standard specifies requirements for the design and manufacture of turnouts, switches and crossings and their components.

There will be 4 meetings over the development period – 1 face-to-face (expected in November) and 3 teleconferences (October, February & March).

How to contribute
Stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit nominations for subject matter experts to join these Development Groups to contribute to the overall depth and quality of these documents.

DG membership is voluntary and requires the support of your employer organisation to attend and contribute. Further information on the responsibilities of a Development Group member can be obtained from the RISSB website.

All nominations and enquiries are to be submitted by emailing amcdermott@rissb.com.au.

As part of your nomination, could you please provide a brief detailing your contact details, your interest in this development (materially affected party, subject matter expert, etc.), and any other information which might support your participation. Your information will assist us in ensuring a balanced representation from all major interest categories in the development of these documents.

Closing date for nominations is Friday, 21 September 2018.