12 Jul 2022

Call For Development Group Members – AS 1085.18 Screw Spikes And Threaded Inserts

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board is seeking nominations from people to join a Development Group to review AS 1085.18 Screw spikes and threaded inserts.

The objective of this Standard is to provide manufacturers and purchasers with manufacturing and performance requirements for steel screw spikes and threaded inserts for use with sleeper plates, fastenings and sleepers in railway permanent way.

This Standard specifies requirements for steel screw spikes and threaded inserts for use as part of a fastening system that holds rail to sleepers or slabs for railway permanent way. A preferred shape is specified and information given on optional shapes.

This Standard covers screw spikes used in the following applications:
(a) Screwed into a threaded insert that is cast into concrete
(b) Screwed into a pre-drilled hole in timber.

This Standard does not cover the use of screw spikes as dog spikes to directly secure the rail.

How to contribute
Stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit nominations for subject matter experts to join this Development Group to contribute to the overall depth and quality of the product.

Development Group membership is voluntary and requires the support of your organisation to attend and contribute. There will be meetings held every 4-6 weeks between August 2022 and February 2023. These will be planned as teleconferences, however face to face meetings may be arranged depending on availability.

Further information on the responsibilities of a Development Group member can be obtained from the RISSB website.

All nominations and enquiries are to be submitted to cfitzhardinge@rissb.com.au

As part of your nomination, can you please provide a brief detailing your contact details, your interest in this development (materially affected party, subject matter expert, etc.), and any other information which might support your participation.

Your information will assist us in ensuring a balanced representation from all major interest categories in the development of this product.

The closing date for nominations is Tuesday, 26 July 2022.