19 Jul 2016

Call for Development Group members – AS 7454 Management of Network Route Knowledge for Rail Traffic Crew

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board is seeking nominations from people to join a RISSB Development Group to draft AS 7454 Management of Network Route Knowledge for Rail Traffic Crew Standard.


The document is a standard that covers the training, development, monitoring and assessment of route knowledge and specific route risks for Rail Traffic Crew.

The scope of this standard will include:

  • Determining how to identify the requirements of route competence
  • Managing high risk locations and route risk assessments
  • Factors that affect route learning
  • Identifying locations
  • The use of tools and materials including simulation
  • Methods of training and development
  • Methods of providing network route information
  • Route competence assessment
  • Accessibility of information through new technology
  • Management through infrastructure change
  • Route terminology
  • Route knowledge retention
  • Competence of trainers, instructors and managers
  • Maintenance of route competence
  • Knowledge of mainline, depots, yards and sidings


How to Contribute

Stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit nominations for subject matter experts to join the Development Group to contribute to the overall depth and quality of the document.

Development Group membership is voluntary and requires the support of your employer organisation to attend and contribute. Attendance can be via teleconferencing, with attendance at around four meetings per year over the development of the standard. Further information on the responsibilities of a Development Group member can be obtained from the RISSB website. Development Group documentation will also be sent out to all nominees.

All nominations and enquiries are to be submitted by emailing Russ Evans at revans@rissb.com.au.

Closing date for nominations 16 August 2016.