05 Sep 2018

Call for Development Group Members – AS 7479 Collision Avoidance and Proximity Warning on Track Maintenance Vehicles Including Road Rail Vehicles

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) is seeking nominations from people to join a RISSB Development Group to draft a Standard on Collision Avoidance and Proximity Warning on Track Maintenance Vehicles Including Road Rail Vehicles.

Collisions involving track machines that result in personal injury and damage to rolling stock are a significant issue in the rail industry. ONRSR has road rail vehicles and track worker safety in their national rail safety priorities.

The objective of this Standard is to advise rolling stock operators of the risks of  rolling stock operating in close proximity to each other and to nearby workers. Those risks can be controlled through devices fitted to track machines / road rail vehicles  that warn operators / workers of the approach of a machine into their work area or that the worker is entering an unsafe area created by the vehicle’s movements.

How to contribute
Stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit nominations for subject matter experts to join this Development Group to contribute to the overall depth and quality of the Standard.

DG membership is voluntary and requires the support of your employer to attend and contribute. Attendance can be via teleconferencing, with attendance at around five (5) meetings over the development period. Further information on the responsibilities of a Development Group member can be obtained from the RISSB website.

All nominations and enquiries are to be submitted to pallan@rissb.com.au

As part of your nomination, can you please provide a brief detailing your contact details, your interest in this development (materially affected party, subject matter expert, etc.), and any other information which might support your participation.

Your information will assist us in ensuring a balanced representation from all major interest categories in the development of this document.

Closing date for nominations 20 September 2018.