15 Nov 2017

Call for Development Group Members for 4 Safety Projects

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) is seeking nominations from people to join a RISSB Development Group to draft 4 safety projects:

Guideline – Systems Safety Assurance

The Australian Rail Industry is undergoing unprecedented change; the industry must able to demonstrate that the delivered assets and systems will be safe to operate and maintain. ONRSR have released the ‘Major Projects Guideline’ (note that the new guideline would not be limited to major projects) which articulates ONRSR expectations and outputs; also EN 50126 is an excellent standard, but both of these would be well supported in the rail industry with guidance for organisations wishing to develop capability or systems to support the delivery.

Guideline – Human Factors in Engineering Design

This guideline would complement RISSB’s ‘AS 7470 Human Factors Integration in Engineering Design’ published Nov 2016. These two documents will ensure that the railway’s operational systems deliver their expected benefits; that human interactions with the system and system elements are well designed through the application of established HF principles, knowledge and methods. The guideline will help to optimise overall system performance through the systematic consideration of human capabilities and limitations as inputs to an iterative design process.

Standard – Management of Change

The Rail Safety National Law requires organisations to effectively manage change (and mitigate risks SFAIRP). Again, the ONRSR ‘Major Projects Guideline’ articulates ONRSR expectations, and their guideline on ‘Preparation of a Rail Safety Management System’ discusses change management, but a standard on how to effectively manage change that affect railway operations would support all organisations in understanding and delivering on this.

Guideline – Rail Emergency Management Planning

This document was published by RISSB in 2010, and is now due for review. It seeks to clarify the legislative rail emergency management requirements to enhance rail emergency management capability and organisational resilience. This Guideline is not a rail emergency plan or procedure and it is not intended to be used for response and recovery operations. It is designed for operational and safety managers or supervisors at RTOs who have responsibilities for rail emergency management.


How to contribute

Stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit nominations for subject matter experts to join these Development Groups to contribute to the overall depth and quality of these documents.

DG membership is voluntary and requires the support of your employer organisation to attend and contribute. Attendance can be via teleconferencing, with attendance at around five (3-5) meetings over the development period. Further information on the responsibilities of a Development Group member can be obtained from the RISSB website.

All nominations and enquiries are to be submitted by emailing jbaker@rissb.com.au

As part of your nomination, could you please provide a brief detailing your contact details, your interest in this development (materially affected party, subject matter expert, etc.), and any other information which might support your participation. Your information will assist us in ensuring a balanced representation from all major interest categories in the development of these documents.

Closing date for nominations 08 December 2017