03 Feb 2016

Call for Development Group Members for Guidelines

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board is seeking nominations from subject matter experts to be involved in the development of three Guidelines. You can nominate to be a part of any or all of the following:

Guideline on Contractor Management

The Guideline will assist Rail Transport Operators in understanding their responsibilities (under the WHS Act and Rail Safety National Law) while engaging contractors, and provide guidance to RTOs for managing those responsibilities and relationships. It is expected to also be useful to contractors themselves in gaining an understanding of what’s expected of them when they are engaged to work in the rail industry.

Guideline on Operating Road Rail Vehicles

Following on from the soon to be released AS 7502 Road Rail Vehicles standard, input is sought for a guideline on operating road rail vehicles.  Considering the type of RRV, fitness for application, environmental conditions (weather, gradient, location etc.), this will cover safe pre-operation assessment, link to asset management, as well as the actual operation.

Guideline on Human Performance

A review of the 2009 publication, the purpose of the guideline is to inform Rail Safety and Operations Managers on fundamental knowledge about human performance and human resource management activities and how these activities can be applied in day-to-day operations.

The role of the Development Group

A detailed description of the RISSB standards development process and admin procedures are available at: http://www.rissb.com.au/key-documents/admin-documents/

Please note in particular the document ‘ADMIN 3-7 Development Group Member Responsibilities’ by which DG members must abide.

The expected commitment

Previous development experience suggests the following approximate time commitment:

  • Around 2 days every 5 to 6 months for DG meetings (incl travel, preparation, post meeting activity).
  • Around 2 days proofing each draft (there might be three drafts over a 24 month period).

Please note that the costs associated with DG members participating on RISSB Development Groups are borne by the parent company (or self); RISSB is not resourced for this expense.

If you would like to be involved with this Development Group, please contact Sarah Bonnar at sbonnar@rissb.com.au by Friday February 19, 2016.