15 Oct 2016

Call for Development Group Members – Signalling Principles Standard

The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board is seeking nominations from people to join a Group to develop a RISSB Standard for Signalling Principles.



While each Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) may have their own set of signalling standards the underlying railway operations are similar. Correspondingly there are an underlying set of signalling principles. This standard will identify operating risks that can be mitigated by signalling and the resulting effective controls to provide support to the safety requirements for detailed and specific signalling implementations.

The following will be included in the document:


  • Details the underlying principles of signalling system design
    • Independent of specific rail operator requirements
    • Independent of technology used
  • Range of potential risk that will be managed
  • Reference signal principles to rail operations and levels of rail traffic

How to Contribute

Stakeholders and interested parties are invited to submit nominations for subject matter experts to join the Development Group to contribute to the overall depth and quality of the document.

Development Group membership is voluntary and requires the support of your employer organisation to attend and contribute. Attendance can be via teleconferencing, with attendance at around four meetings per year over the development of the standard. Further information on the responsibilities of a Development Group member can be obtained from the RISSB website. Development Group documentation will also be sent out to all nominees.

All nominations and enquiries are to be submitted by emailing revans@rissb.com.au.

Closing date for nominations 11 November 2016.