15 Jun 2018

Call for Public Consultation – AS 7527:2015 Event Recorders

RISSB seeks public comment in relation to changes proposed to RISSB Australian Standard® AS 7527:2015 Event Recorders.

The Standard describes the requirements for event recorders installed in locomotive, self-propelled passenger, and infrastructure maintenance rolling stock vehicles.

The proposed amendments would align AS 7527 with the NSW Data Loggers Code, thus improving national harmonisation.

Details of the amendment are available on the RISSB web site Proposed Amendment AS 7527

To comment on this proposed amendment, please use the commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to comment in-line with the text on the Proposed Amendment document.

Please return your comments to jbaker@rissb.com.au by COB Tuesday, 14 August 2018.


Note: Access to the Standard is available to RISSB Members via the RISSB web site
Individuals or organisations not members of RISSB may purchase copies of the Standard from the SAI Global Store