07 Oct 2020

Call for Public Consultation – AS 7715 Train Detection Amendment No.1

RISSB Standard AS 7715:2016 Train detection provides the Australian rail industry with a set of mandatory and recommended requirements for the detection of all trains/rolling stock/rail vehicles to ensure that the signalling system receives reliable, accurate, sufficient and up-to-date information regarding the position and movement of all detectable trains/rolling stock/rail vehicles necessary for the safe control of the railway. Section 3.9 of this Standard provides requirements and recommendations for the use of axle counter systems.

In September 2020 RISSB published AS 7651 Axle Counters. This Standard provides greater detail and guidance on the use of axle counters than AS 7715. This includes the use of current terminologies and technologies used in axle counter systems, rendering Section 3.9 of AS 7715 redundant.

RISSB and the AS 7651 Development Group propose that AS 7715 be amended to reflect the publishing of AS 7651. This amendment is now available for an 8 week public consultation.

To access the draft amendment please download it here:

AS 7715 Train Detection Amendment No.1

To make comments on the draft, please use the commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to comment in-line with the text.

Please return your PDF with comments to cfitzhardinge@rissb.com.au by Sunday, 6 December 2020.