21 Jan 2016

CoP for Rail Traction Power Equipment Selection: Open Consultation

The draft RISSB CoP for Rail Traction Power Equipment Selection has been released for Open Consultation.


This document is to provide a Code of Practice which will assist Rail Infrastructure Managers and practitioners in their decision making and execution regarding railway infrastructure electrification by:

  • Providing practices and information regarding the evaluation of electric traction for railway operations.
  • Outlining for practitioners a systematic process to assist in the complexity of electrification system selection.
  • Assisting with considerations that may be critical to the safety and integrity of a chosen railway electrification solution.

How to contribute?

Stakeholders are invited to submit comments on the draft, and it is now available for download:

Click here to download – CoP for Rail Traction Power Equipment Selection

Click here to download – Glossary of Symbols (Draft)

Please submit your comments by email to lwilson@rissb.com.au by 11 March 2016.