This standard sets out the minimum requirements for:

  1. Signalling Cable Routes, Cable Pits and for Foundations at signals, gantries, location cases, equipment rooms, telephones and ground frames;
  2. minimising the risk of asset failures;
  3. minimising harm to personnel working with, or in the vicinity of, Signalling Cable Routes and trackside infrastructure when such work is taking place outside the rail danger zone;

The standard is intended to:

  1. provide a uniform basis for compliance with AS4292 Railway Safety Management;
  2. support mutual accreditation by infrastructure managers, operators and regulators;
  3. cover differing rail operations across Australia;
  4. identify the risks (hazards) being controlled;
  5. ensure that appropriate cable routes and infrastructure foundations are installed in the signalling system;
  6. support a consistent approach in the use of Signalling Cable Routes, Cable Pits and signalling infrastructure Foundations, enabling common practices to be used across state boundaries.

The standard excludes the requirements for other services (e.g. communications or power) and the Track Manager should consider these in the design and installation of signalling infrastructure.