RISSB Membership Information

All RISSB Members have the opportunity to participate in the governance of RISSB through the nomination and election of the four industry directors who each represent one of the following sectors:

  • Passenger Operations
  • Freight Operations
  • Network Managers/Owners
  • Suppliers and Contractors and/or Other Industry Participants

These Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting giving members the opportunity to decide who will best represent their interests on the RISSB Board.

There are a number of other very important advantages of being a RISSB Member:

  • Free access to electronic copies of all ACOP documents – Standards, Codes, Rules, Guidelines, Handbooks and Strategies.
  • Membership of RISSB product Development Groups (DGs).
  • An opportunity to contribute to the content of these products during development (as a member of the DG).
  • A significant reduction in the cost of developing products such as standards, codes, rules and guidelines because of the ‘whole of Industry’ approach taken in the development of RISSB products.
  • Access to good or better practices undertaken in other rail organisations.
  • An opportunity during DG activities to cross pollinate ideas and practices for benchmarking purposes and development of concepts.
  • Access to whole of Industry initiatives such as Rail Safety Week.
  • Access to a worldwide network of contacts and organisations that are affiliated with RISSB.

Membership Classes

Following the Annual General Meeting held on 23 November 2015 RISSB now has two forms of membership: Full Members and Associate Members. Full membership is available to all rail transport operators, network owners and managers, rail contractors and suppliers and associations with a key focus on rail.

For full details on the rights and obligations attaching to both Full and Associate Members please refer to RISSB’s Constitution. The Membership fees for Full and Associate Members are set out below for financial year 2018/19.

Please note in determining the Class for a new member only turnover (or revenue) from rail related activities is considered. Your turnover from other industry sectors is not relevant and should be ignored for the purposes of RISSB membership.

Industry* Turnover PA Funding Class Amount (excl. GST) Amount (incl. GST)

Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board Limited
Membership Fees 2018-19

Full Membership Fees 2018-19

>$750M 1 $258,867 $284,753
$250 – $750M 2 $161,724 $177,896
$100 – $250M 3 $85,539 $94,093
$50 – $100M A $38,267 $42,094
$20 – $50M B $18,007 $19,808
$5 – $20M C $9,005 $9,905
$1 – $5M D $4,455 $4,900
<$1M E $3,353 $3,688
* Means the Rail Industry in Australia

Membership fees are payable in a financial year.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is now available to organisations and individuals who meet the following criteria:

a)    an individual, small contractor or supplier with three or less staff and a turnover of less than $1 million per annum supplying services or equipment to the Industry;

b)    distinguished individuals who have given long and meritorious service to the Industry and whose activities promote or have promoted the objects of the Company;

c)    individuals who are engaged in studies associated with the Industry;

d)   an employee union, higher education institution, or a registered training organisation, who has an interest in the Industry generally; or

e)    a tourism and/or heritage organisation that is a registered charitable organisation and has operations turnover of less than $1 million per annum.

Associate Membership Fee 2018/19

The annual fee payable for Associate Members for 2018-19 is $1250 (Incl. GST).

In accordance with Clause 4.1(b) of the Constitution each Member will, whenever requested, provide such information as is reasonably required by RISSB in order to calculate the Member’s annual subscription fee.

Important Notice

All members are reminded that they have access to a copy of RISSB products but must not distribute, copy or allow any third party (including any members of the Member) to have access to those products unless RISSB provides its express written permission.

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