How to participate during public consultation

To ensure your opinion is heard, it is important for you to participate in our public consultation process.

We send communiqués to all of our stakeholders during public consultation periods. If you find a draft product that is in your area of interest, please use this opportunity to comment. Your input will help to shape the future of the Australian rail industry.

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We will respond in writing to all relevant comments we receive. We will let you know if your comment will be acted upon for the next draft, or we will provide reasons if the comment is not accepted or acted upon.

We value your comment and, after each review, we consider all comments received and revise the document appropriately.

How to suggest what you would like to see us develop

We invite you to provide suggestions on new standards, codes, rules and guidelines that we could develop.

Your suggestions are passed to our CEO and will be considered by the appropriate Standing Committee members each year before they develop new project proposals for Board approval.

The CEO will assess whether your request is relevant, consistent with the national interest and public benefit, does not duplicate any existing solutions and is able to be prepared in a reasonable timeframe.

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