Culture Hub

Culture Hub, RISSB’s culture survey, is an online questionnaire designed to assess an organisation’s culture, especially its safety culture.

The survey is built around 10 platinum rules: 1) Put People First; 2) Consult and Communicate 3) Don’t Let Issues Fester 4) Rationalise Paperwork and Systems; 5) Develop Skills in Work Health and Safety; 6) Hear Bad News; 7) Fix Your Workplace First; 8) Manage Hazards; 9) Monitor Performance; 10) Apply Resources.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of organisational culture, strategies can be implemented to improve safety outcomes.

Users are provided with a report which helps identify gaps within the safety culture of the organisation, as well as benchmarks  against industry peers.

The survey is available to anyone with an interest in improving the safety performance of their organisation. For more information about the survey, contact RISSB on (07) 3724 0000 or send an email to