National Railway Crossing Behaviour

National Railway Level Crossing Behavioural Coordination Group

The RISSB contributed to national railway level crossing initiatives by actively participating in and contributing funding for the National Railway Level Crossing Behavioural Coordination Group (BCG).

Comprised of the RISSB, senior government road safety and rail safety representatives from all jurisdictions, the group implemented a number of behavioural initiatives that were an Australian first of its kind during its two-year life. These include:

  • A National Road Users Survey which interviewed over 4400 Australian road users to determine awareness, knowledge and perceptions of the rules and risks associated with railway level crossings as well as interactions with them.
  • An Education and Enforcement Pilot which conducted a ‘before and after’ study in metropolitan and rural Victoria to measure road user behaviour suggested very low compliance levels at railway level crossings and potential benefits for introducing controlled education and enforcement strategies. The project also examined a Northern Territory mining company that introduced a log book to successfully boost railway level crossing compliance;
  • A National Workshop which brought together Australasian stakeholders to brainstorm railway level crossing safety initiatives; and
  • A National Advertising Campaign ‘Life Before Your Eyes’ which was guided by the findings from the survey and pilot to target 17-24 year-old and 40-49 year old male drivers through television, radio and press advertisements. Market-tested to ensure ultimate message take-out, the availability of national resources provides effective communication tools and a national railway level crossing safety message.