The Road Ahead

The RISSB collaborated with the Australian Trucking Association to install a railway level crossing exhibit in its mobile education trailer, The Road Ahead. The interactive semi-trailer travels rural and regional Australia educating school groups, local trucking operators, suppliers and politicians in road and railway level crossing safety.

Animations with corresponding safety messages rotate on flat screen televisions to visually demonstrate the correct behaviour required by motorists, pedestrians and cyclists at railway level crossings. The animations are supported by educational static text panels as well as a graphic display of the stopping distances of cars, trucks and trains.

The key messages of the installation are:

  • Trains can arrive from either direction at anytime – look both ways, a second train may be coming.
  • Check ahead. Never enter a level crossing without space for your vehicle to clear the railway tracks – a train could arrive.
  • Flashing red lights mean STOP – a train is approaching.
  • Never drive around boom gates – a train is coming. Obey the road rules.
  • Never walk or play on or near railway tracks. Use pedestrian crossings.
  • It’s not easy to judge the speed of trains. Trains have right of way. Always give-way.
  • Train tracks can be uneven and bike wheels can get stuck in gaps. Dismount and walk your bike through pedestrian crossings.

To enquire about the education vehicle and its travels, click here.