Blended Courses

RISSB offers three courses that are being prepared for delivery in a blended format (part online, part with a trainer): Investigate Rail Safety Incidents (TLIF5017), Derailment Investigation and Analysis Workshop and Apply Safety Critical Communications (SCC) in the Rail Environment (TLIF0008).

Blended courses combine online learning with tutorials involving a trainer from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). A blended course is likely to include an introductory tutorial and then trainer-led tutorials at pre-set dates during the course. At the end of the course there will be theory and practical assessments which will be undertaken through the RTO.

RISSB encourages rail organisations to contact to discuss course delivery options and how they can be customised to a particular rail organisation. There are discounts for RISSB members and for bulk bookings.

Current Courses

Investigate Rail Safety Incidents

This course seeks to teach course attendees how to conduct and document any investigation into a railway safety incident. It builds on industry best practices and promotes a ‘just culture’ approach for investigations.

Apply Safety Critical Communications in the Rail Environment

The course sets out the skills and knowledge required to apply effective safety critical communications (SCC) and highlights what is considered best practice for general communications in the rail environment. It includes communicating, providing timely and accurate rail operational information, and responding to unplanned situations or events appropriately.

Derailment Investigation and Analysis Workshop

This course provides an overview of the mechanisms and factors that contribute to derailments, and advice on how to collect, inspect and interpret evidence.