Aircraft plan takes flight

Excavation for a new pedestrian and cyclist underpass at Aircraft Station in Melbourne is now complete, marking a major milestone for stage 2 of Victoria’s Aviation Road Level Crossing Removal Project. 

The level crossing was removed in 2019 when a road bridge over the rail line was opened. Now, works are progressing at pace to provide a safe and direct pedestrian link beneath tracks. 

In total, around 3000 cubic metres of rock and earth have been excavated to create the underpass. 

When finished it will eliminate the need for commuters to wait behind safety barriers for trains to pass in order to reach the platform, creating safer and easier access to the platform. 

Three big concrete decks are also now in place over the underpass to support train tracks, while concreting and waterproofing is now complete. 

In the next few months, work will continue to install stairs and ramps between the underpass and platform. Crews will also continue excavation of the northern and southern station forecourts.

Meanwhile, work has also now begun to construct 100 new and upgraded car parking spaces as part of the Car Parks for Commuters program. 

Upon completion, there will be 138 car parks at Aircraft Station, with the new car park set to have CCTV and lighting. 

Landscaping and garden beds, including 350 new trees, will start to take shape towards the end of the year. 

More bike parking will also be a feature of the project, with a Parkiteer bike storage cage and 37 additional bike hoops to be installed in the two station forecourts. 

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