Carload Railroads Reach Injury-Free Milestone

Carload marked the safety milestone on May 31 and announced it June 4. It owns and runs the Allegheny Valley Railroad (AVR) and the Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP), which serve western Pennsylvania, and the Delmarva Central Railroad (DCR), which serves Delaware, Maryland and Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula. DCR earned Railway Age’s 2020 Short Line of the Year Honorable Mention.

The short line holding company and its 100 employees operate 24/7, providing service for about 100 customers on 331 route-miles of track.

“This milestone is a significant accomplishment for our company and all of our employees,” said Mark Rosner, President and CEO of Carload, which presented each employee with a safety dividend. “We are especially proud that all three of our railroads have reached this goal.

“We greatly appreciate the energy, effort and safety focus that our employees bring each day.”

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