CN to Serve New P&H Grain Elevator in Western Canada

It will replace a 41-year-old facility. Featuring 25,000 tons of grain storage and a 150-car loop track for continuous grain loading and movement, the new facility will complement an existing 6,000-ton fertilizer shed and 7,800-square-foot AWSA- (Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association-) certified heated chemical shed. It is slated for completion in June 2022.

“We look forward to opening this new facility,” P&H CEO John Heimbecker said. “This build confirms our commitment to investing in facilities and capabilities that support Canadian producers as they strive to grow and market the best crop, and further solidifies our commitment to the growers in the Yorkton area.”

P&H is a Canadian agri-business, with operations including grain handling and merchandising, flour milling, and crop inputs and feed mills. It has more than 70 locations to support Canadian producers and food manufacturers who grow and sell crops and baked goods to domestic and international markets.

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