DMRC in India introduces new LED lighting system at 155 locations

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in India is replacing the existing conventional lights with LED lights at 155 locations, including Metro stations, depots, and parking facilities.

This upgrade is aimed at offering a better lighting experience and saving energy.

To date, DMRC has deployed nearly 100,000 LED lights at these locations, covering 75% of the upgrade drive.

The remaining 35,000 LED lights will be mounted at the sites by the end of October this year.

DMRC stated that the conventional lights that were deployed during Phase-I (2005) and Phase-II (2010) had an operational life of about a decade.

Now that these are past their effective age, the new LED lights will be cost effective and energy efficient.

Through this LED-based light system, DMRC will be able to save around 50% of the energy expenditure, enabling it to recover the entire cost of installing these lights in around two years.

DMRC corporate communications executive director Anuj Dayal said in a statement: “Undertaking this drive in already operational stations was a challenging task for the DMRC maintenance teams. As there is regular movement of people, the work had to be executed in night time due to safety reasons which in turn increased the installation time.”

For covering higher places, DMRC brought cranes and special scaffoldings.

The company has already installed LED based lighting solutions at its Phase III stations.

In addition, similar systems will be deployed at the forthcoming Phase IV stations.

Last month, DMRC introduced a software to oversee the progress on its Phase IV corridors and the Patna Metro.

The introduction of the new, custom-made Integrated Project Monitoring Software, developed by Indian Engineers, was the company’s major initiative towards digitalising its functioning.

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