ETR Selects TekTracking for Track Work Management

TIMPS (Track Inspection, Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling Software) augments a railroad’s current track and roadbed inspection process, providing “digitized inspection and maintenance reports to support failure trend analysis analytics,” according to TekTracking, a railroad asset-management technology development company based in Fairport, N.Y. It also “adds to the efficiency, worker safety and accuracy of track maintenance, while ensuring all inspections occur per the frequency prescribed by the railroad and FRA Part 213 requirements.”

ETR is excited about the adoption of TIMPS as we continue to implement our plan to digitize our operations,” ETR Corporate Director of Operations Michael Semande said.

“TekTracking is pleased that ETR has elected to move forward with the implementation of our TIMPS system,” TekTracking CEO Gregory Fogarty said. “Our system will immediately benefit the ETR by allowing them to effectively plan, schedule and prioritize system-wide track inspection and maintenance tasks.”

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