Freight rail challenges from Covid

Freight rail challenges have been brought on by the latest round of Covid-19 restrictions in both New South Wales and Victoria.

AN EVOLVING Covid situation in Sydney and Melbourne has led to “unique challenges” for rail freight, the Australasian Railway Association says.

As has been widely documented, movement across the Victoria – New South Wales border is now heavily restricted and residents of both capital cities are now required to wear masks.

ARA chief executive Caroline Wilkie was commenting following the latest round of lockdowns in both Sydney and Melbourne.

“We have been speaking with a range of members impacted by the continuing COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney, with this week’s extension confirming there is still some uncertainty to navigate,” Wilkie said.

“I have once again been impressed by how quickly our members are adapting to changing requirements to keep essential services operating through this time.

“Thank you to all those essential workers continuing to operate in challenging circumstances.”
Wilkie said she they had been “working very closely with our rail freight members to understand the unique challenges they are facing as they continue to deliver services across regions and state borders”.

“The freight sector has led an exceptional effort to keep supply chains open through the pandemic and have implemented rigorous COVIDsafe measures to ensure the safety of their teams and the community,” she said.

“We will continue to liaise with industry and government as the situation evolves over the coming weeks to make sure the sector is supported through this time.”

Wilkie said they also had been reviewing their events program for the remainder of the year to identify more opportunities to host online events and webinars.

“I am really excited by what we have come up with and expect to share our updated calendar with you soon,” she said.

“In the meantime, I encourage you to register for our webinar on developing your career in the rail industry, hosted by our Young Leaders Advisory Board.”


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