Railway Age’s August 2021 Digital Edition On Line

Inside, you’ll find these feature stories:

• Amtrak Charges Forward — The Cummins-powered ALC-42 from Siemens will soon be the standard-bearer of the long-distance locomotive fleet.

• Managing Technology: Nine Misconceptions — Is “new” always better when it comes to locomotive technology? Does it have intrinsic value? Not necessarily, writes Michael Iden, P.E., Consultant, Tier 5 Locomotive LLC.

• Russia: Bigger Is Better — The GEVO12-equipped, three-section 3TE25K2M is among the world’s most powerful diesel-electric locomotives. Alex Luvishis, who for 18 years headed the laboratory that developed control systems for Russia’s first electric locomotives and asynchronous traction motors in the former USSR, provides details.

• Preparedness Pays Off — For railroads, keeping ahead of the next “polar vortex” means boosting communications and partnering with shippers, other carriers and suppliers, early.

Plus, Railway Age Financial Editor David Nahass discusses how leasing improvements may be unsustainable. And American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association President Chuck Baker addresses how small roads need the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) Program to avoid a crisis.

These highlights and more can be found in Railway Age’s August 2021 digital edition.

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