Siemens Mobility to deliver 20 more night trains to ÖBB

Siemens Mobility has received an order from Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) for 20 extra seven-car night trains.

The trains, which will expand ÖBB’s Nightjet fleet, are based on the Viaggio Next Level platform and will commence services by 2025.

Around 33 ÖBB Nightjets will operate between several European cities, offering climate-friendly overnight connections.

In 2018, ÖBB signed a framework agreement to procure up to 700 passenger coaches from Siemens Mobility over the next five years.

The initial order from ÖBB comprised eight nine-car trains for day service and 13 seven-car trains for night service. The trains are under construction at the Siemens Mobility plant in Vienna.

Starting in December 2022, the first trains to be delivered from this series will operate from Austria and Germany to Italy.

Siemens Mobility stated that the additional 20 Nightjets are expected to operate from Vienna and Innsbruck to Hamburg and Amsterdam, and from Vienna to Bregenz and Zurich.

In addition, these trains will provide services from Graz to Zurich and from Zurich to Hamburg and Amsterdam.

By 2025, a large portion of the current fleet will be replaced by these new 33 Nightjets that will run in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Each seven-car train includes two coaches, three couchette cars, and two sleeping cars.

As part of the new couchette car concept, extra mini cabins maintain additional privacy for single passengers and enhance comfort.

The new trains will offer free WiFi services, and all compartments have their own private toilet and shower.

Each Nightjet will comprise a multifunctional car with a low-floor entrance, a barrier-free couchette compartment, along with a barrier-free toilet.

Siemens Mobility CEO Michael Peter said: “Innovative mini cabins on the trains offer passengers private space and a high degree of comfort. The special lightweight bogies help ensure a particularly smooth ride and reduced energy consumption over the train’s lifecycle.”

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