SLSI Issues New Safety Culture Training Resources

SLSI now offers the Safety Communication Poster Program, “Lost in Translation: Safety Communication in the Rail Industry” paper, and HazMat Minute and Safety Minute video series.

The safety culture improvement resources are based on recently identified opportunities. According to SLSI, the Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Research, Development and Technology provided the results of the institute’s 2020 Systematic Review of Safety Culture Assessments conducted on short lines. One identified opportunity was the quality and quantity of safety communication. This led SLSI experts to develop the poster program. The first poster series, Communicating Safety, is now available, and SLSI plans to add posters several times this year.

In addition, the new “Lost in Translation” paper highlights potential communication obstacles. It provides tips on how to overcome the obstacles, and stresses the importance of clear and frequent safety communication, according to SLSI. 

Analyses of completed Safety Culture Assessments over the past five years have consistently identified hazmat exercises/training as an opportunity area, SLSI reported. To address this need, the institute now offers the HazMat Minute video series, covering specific regulations as well as the Emergency Response Guidebook, Placard Essentials, and Position-in-Train Documentation.

Similarly, SLSI’s Safety Minute video series was created to assist railroads in mitigating common risks. Videos include: Perception vs. Reality in Communication, Preventing Slips and Falls, and Protection Where Tracks Are Fouled. “The subjects selected mirror the safety tips presented monthly,” SLSI said. “Launched in 2017, the Safety Tip program was created in response to an industry request for materials to provide at safety briefings.”

Tom Murta, Executive Director of the SLSI

“The SLSI is pleased to work alongside railroads to identify opportunity areas and to create resources, tools and programs that support elevating safety culture improvements over time,” Executive Director Tom Murta said. 

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