TransmetriQ Debuts ‘Wheelset Intelligence’ Tool

Wheelset Intelligence employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide an estimate of a wheelset’s remaining useful life, according to TransmetriQ, Railinc’s newly renamed commercial products unit.

“Its predictions identify opportunities to proactively change wheelsets without giving up excessive amounts of component life,” the company reported. “Wheelset Intelligence also improves repair cost forecasting and budgeting by controlling repair activity.”

“Replacing railcar wheelsets accounts for about half of all railcar maintenance spending,” said Ward Proctor, Director-Business Solutions at TransmetriQ. “Without visibility into wheelset health, equipment owners and users have little to no information to make informed decisions regarding maintenance scheduling. Wheelset Intelligence helps to reduce maintenance costs by ensuring repairs are done at the optimal time and location for the equipment owner, which also increases railcar availability.”

For more on component tracking and equipment-health analysis, read “Component Tracking: Greater Visibility,” by Gregg Phillips, Product Manager, Commercial Analytics and Reporting, at Railinc.

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